FREE 7 Chakra Reiki Healing Heart Bracelet
FREE 7 Chakra Reiki Healing Heart Bracelet

FREE 7 Chakra Reiki Healing Heart Bracelet

  • Stunning, one-of-a-kind 7 Chakra healing bracelet
  • Seven hues of light shine through each stone bead
  • FREE for a limited time!  Just cover cost of shipping

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The Seven Sacred Chakras

There are 7 major chakra  “energy centers” within your body which information and energy flows through.  These sacred energy centers regulate all your body’s processes, from brain and organ function to your immune system and emotions.  


When your chakras are imbalanced you may feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually or financially stuck in life. Our chakras are influenced by everything we do, and go in and out of alignment.  


When your chakras are in alignment, you feel happy and at ease.  When they’re out of balance, you feel “off” and not quite yourself.  


Go through this quick chakra checklist to tune into which of your chakras may need healing and use each affirmation to strengthen it each day:


Seventh - Crown Chakra:   “I understand”  

 Stone: Amethyst

Keywords: Source, Enlightenment, Divine Wisdom, Transcendence, Universality, Spirit

Power Affirmation: “I am complete ONE with Divine intelligent energy of pure light and love, easily connecting with Spirit, inner knowing and the infinite wisdom within us all!”

Sixth - Third Eye Chakra:   “I see”   

Stone: Lapis Lazuli

Keywords: Inner Guidance, Intuition, Awareness, Vision, Clarity, Imagination, Extra Sensory Perception

Power Affirmation: “I am tuning into the Divine in me, to universal wisdom and seeing the true meaning of life situations.  I trust my intuition, awareness and imagination into the unknown.”


Fifth - Throat Chakra:   “I speak” 

Stone: Opal Moonstone

Keywords:  Personal Truth, Freedom, Expression, Maturity, Leadership, Communication

Power Affirmation:  “My voice is open and free and I confidently express truthfully and lovingly.  I communicate with clarity, autonomy and ease!”

Fourth - Heart Chakra:   “I love”   

Stone: Green Aventurine

Keywords:  Love, Compassion, Transformation, Forgiveness, Empathy, Integration of Life Purpose 

Power Affirmation:  “Love is the answer; I give and receive love effortlessly & unconditionally and I love and accept myself and others simply feeling compassion.  Love is abundant in my world!”

Third - Solar Plexus Chakra:   “I do”   

Stone: Yellow Aventurine

Keywords: Will Power, Social Self, Energy, Intellect, Growth Evolution, Life Purpose

Affirmation: “I am positively empowered and successful in all my passions or ventures. I easily manifest my desires from trusting my own inner guidance. I am a powerful creator!”

Second - Sacral Chakra:   “I feel”   

Stone: Fire Agate

Keywords:  Water, Abundance, Creativity, Passions, Joy, Sexuality, Fulfillment

Power Affirmation: “I am radiant, sensual, creative and beautiful. I enjoy a healthy and passionate life and I can feel pleasure in my body and easily accept pleasure. I surround myself with relationships that feel good! ”

First - Root Chakra:   “I am”  

Stone: Garnet

Keywords:  Earth, Stability, Security, Motivation, Self Belonging, Grounding, Trust 

Power Affirmation: “I am a divine being of light. I am peaceful, protected and secure. I am HERE in my body and all is well.  I am safe. I am loved. I trust the process of life!”

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